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Weekend In Vegas Lavender Sequin Feather Mini Dress

Weekend In Vegas Lavender Sequin Feather Mini Dress

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Is it time we take a weekend in Las Vegas? This would be the dress! This stunning violet dress adorned with exquisite sequins, is perfect for a weekend getaway in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. It's playful, short design, and flattering fit, make it a must have for any occasion to dress up. Effortlessly capture the spirit of a fun filled Vegas adventure, get ready to turn heads and make a statement with this dazzling dress, that combines elegance and a touch of sparkle.  Material Cotton/ Polyester.  Please use the size guide shown in below. The size is measured manually, and it is normal for there to be an error of 1-3 cm. Free shipping.

Note: The measurements in this size chart are for body's, not clothes.

Finally: To ensure the best fit to you, we always recommend seeking professional alterations when material permits. Professional alterations cannot only enhance the fit but also elevate the overall appearance of the garment.





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